Friday, February 5, 2010

Welcome from the Clear Creek Writers of Shelbyville, KY!

Let the great experiment begin! This blog is the landing spot for the Clear Creek Writers of Shelbyville, Kentucky in conjunction with out 2010 writing project: Kentucky Fight Fiction.

No, we don't all write horror or ghost stories but every year we have a Halloween story contest and this year we will be doing readings locally in October and selling our chapbook - Kentucky Fright Fiction - so we've created this group participation blog to share ideas, writing exercises, to encourage each other and any other writers who stop in.

Welcome... prepare to be frightened... and to do some writing (the scariest prospect of all!)


  1. Hi out there. The meeting was good, but a little spooky with only a few skeletons present.

  2. Waking up in a cold sweat remembering the night before. His enormous arm squeezed at my neck until I felt the blood well up in my eyes. I had the beginning of a black out, but he relaxed his arm, and for a few short moments I thought he had sympathy, cared for me, but I was wrong like I was about him. "Cold hearted bitch,"he'd said.
    A cold, cold heart had he, and then... nothing. Not even a memory, not even my name.